Asset & Property Management

For us, offering asset management services means taking responsibility for the success of an investment process. This responsibility begins with the identification of suitable properties, extends over all aspects of portfolio management, and ends with a successful sale. We believe that as asset managers, we should treat every property as if we were the owners ourselves.

Purchases and sales

JONOUS Real Estate has a proven track record in investment acquisitions and exits. We develop purchasing strategies for our clients and identify suitable properties across Germany that are in keeping with the respective investment strategy. During the purchase, we assist with the necessary due diligence process and negotiate with the seller on behalf of our clients.

Management by JONOUS Real Estate means to always take the respective investor scenario into account. We systematically prepare the investments we manage to ensure the details of the investment plan are considered, and initiate the sale of the real estate on behalf of our clients, including handling the sale contracts.


The value of any real estate investment is determined by the tenancy agreements. We therefore focus on avoiding vacancies and on the thorough optimisation of tenancy agreements in favour of the owner.

In the field of residential and commercial lettings we cooperate with all the relevant market players. Our size and market experience gives us access to a large and highly effective network.


Some properties will never realise their full potential unless they are fundamentally transformed. JONOUS Real Estate develops new usage concepts for properties in need of restructuring and assists with their implementation from the planning phase through to completion.

Fund management

To fully exploit potential returns, real estate investments in Germany need to take optimum advantage of the tax and company law framework.

JONOUS Real Estate supports investors in this process by providing registered offices, taking on management positions in German limited companies (GmbHs) and coordinating external tax and legal advisors.

Investor relations

Transparent reporting that meets the investor’s specific requirements is offered as a matter of course by JONOUS Real Estate. We always keep our clients informed about all significant developments affecting their investment, and we ensure transparency at all levels regarding the investment being managed.

We aim to prepare all the necessary information for our clients to enable them to take responsible decisions concerning their investments at any time.

Property management

Property management is the key competence that decides how successful a real estate investment turns out to be. At JONOUS Real Estate, we view property management not as a simple administrative task but as a proactive, forward-thinking management process which aims to maintain and grow the value of the investment in the long term.

We make sure that investors actually receive the potential yield on their property investment.

We assess which services a property really needs and ensure that the necessary service agreements offer the best possible terms.

Effectively safeguarding existing cash flows from rent and ancillary costs is a key task for property management.

As a property manager, JONOUS Real Estate takes active steps to ensure that rent and ancillary costs are paid on time, rather than having to deal with defaults.